Monday, March 2, 2015

New tiny muscadine grape clusters fall of before they get to "BB" size?

I'm in NE Tallahassee and have 6 muscadine vines about 8 years established. I got them from FAMU vineyards and have them post supported on a wire about 5' high x 60'. I have a drip line mounted about 2' above ground right down the center. I trim as you showed in your most informative video on you tube. The past few years I had tons of new tiny grape clusters come on and then the majority die or fall off before they even get to bb size. I read somewhere I should have a drip line set up that is 2' on each side of the centerline and only have individual runners by each vine. I just have an inexpensive drip hose with holes every 18" or so and try to set it for one-3 hours per day depending on rain. Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Here's a blog post I wrote about grapes/flowers falling off.

Muscadine roots run shallow and wide, so drippers at the bases of the plants only benefit them when they're young. It's possible that lack of irrigation isn't your problem, though. See if boron deficiency or mildew is causing the drop. High humidity contributes to mildew.

In my opinion, your vines shouldn't need daily irrigation at 8 years of age.

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