Saturday, June 23, 2012

Is a you-pick-em vineyard feasible?

I enjoyed your great video on pruning vines. Thank you. I do have a question- I live in the west panhandle of Florida the soil is very poor, sandy, etc. Will grapes grow well  here? What prep needs doing before planting? I have 20 acres. Is a you-pick-em vineyard feasible?

 Muscadines should grow well in your area. I bet if you take a
walk in the woods you'll find some wild ones. But for advice specific to
your area, ask your Cooperative Extension agent. Follow this link and click
on the map of your state to find one near you.

It would also be a very good idea to take a soil sample of your site to the
extension office for a soil test. That should tell you what you might need
to add. Compost is always a good idea. Since your soil is sandy, a water
retentive gel will help to conserve water, especially if you don't have

A pick your own operation can be good, but will be more successful if you
are easily accessible by the public. Location, location, location. If you
plant all 20 acres in muscadines, you will probably have more than you need
for a pick-your-own. You'd better find additional markets.