Monday, January 14, 2013

Transplanting 4-year old muscadine vines

I have 2 muscadine vines that are 4 yrs. old that I want to move to another location. I have not been getting that much fruit off of them.  I have some oak trees that were about 15 ft from my vines and now the oaks have grown much faster than anticipated and are blocking a lot of sun light (I think this is my problem) what do you suggest?  I don't want to cut my oak down, and want to keep my vines because what fruit they make is very sweet. 
You may be able to transplant them. Winter is the time to do it. Muscadine grapes are shallow-rooted, and the roots tend to run horizontally a few inches under the soil surface. Soften the soil by thoroughly moistening a 5' radius around the trunk. Gently tug on the vine to raise it a bit and see where the roots run. Then you can carefully remove the roots from the soil. Try to get as much as you can.

Move the plants to the new site. Keep the roots moist until transplanted. 

John Marshall

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