Monday, January 2, 2012

FAQ: When can I dig muscadine grape vines?

I have a chance to get cuttings/plants from an abandoned muscadine/scuppernong vineyard. It has been abandoned for possibly 10 years or more, and is all grown over with trees and brambles. The people who owned and worked it are gone now, and half of the vineyard has been plowed under, and is now in soybeans. What a waste. Anyway, what is the best way for me to get cuttings/dig up plants/ or whatever?

 If you can find rooted plants now, this would be the time to pull them. Keep the roots moist from digging until planting. You might find vines growing along the ground that are rooted in two or three places. Cutting behind each set of roots is fine. Vines are usually propagated by layering, so if you find vines on the ground that have rooted, you've simply found vines that have layered themselves and done that part of the job for you.

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